As experienced kitchen designers in London, we could have your kitchen all mapped out within minutes, but where is the fun in that?

We know you’ve heard it all before, but the kitchen really is the heart of the home, so why not throw in a little of your soul as well! Unleash your inner interior designer and set about designing your dream kitchen.

Before you race to all showrooms within a five-minute radius, stop! You might see a range of things you like, but are they your idea of what a perfect kitchen should be? Or are these perhaps the ideas of somebody else?

It may sound a little deep for someone simply wanting to upgrade their kitchen, but take the time to think about what you like. What do you wear? Do you lean towards more traditional styles or favour the contemporary? Enjoy a moment of self-indulgence, before we get down to hard practicalities…

Yes, size matters…

We’ve heard that size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to measuring the space for your kitchen…it really does! Therefore we always recommend that you measure the space in millimeters, just to ensure you are as accurate as possible. Check out our other golden rules of kitchen measuring.

Start from the bottom and work your way up, meaning measure the walls from floor to ceiling!

  1. Measure the walls from corner to corner
  2. Measure doors and openings from the top of the opening to the ceiling
  3. Measure the door or opening from edge to edge including any frame or architrave
  4. Measure the position of any doors or openings from the corners of room
  5. Measure the windows from the floor to the bottom of the frame
  6. Measure the windows from the top of the frame to the ceiling
  7. Measure the height and width of the windows including the surrounding frame
  8. Measure the position of the window from the corner of the room

More Numbers…

Budget isn’t really a very sexy word, but it is an important one. Work out your maximum budget and then add on a little extra, this is your complications contingency!

As a London kitchen design company, we need to know what is on-trend right now, but as a responsible company, we are also aware that a kitchen is an investment in your property and therefore it requires some future-proofing. Modern fashions come and go, but with a unique blend of bygone quality and hot trends, our bespoke kitchen company can ensure your space stays elegant and relevant for years to come.

The conception of your creation…

The conception of your creation starts with space and light! If your budget allows, you may want to remove walls to open up the space, but remember this may also involve moving water, gas or electricity supplies which can be costly. Think about where the light comes from and how that will affect your use of the room.

A great kitchen does not only requires style, it requires function. Consider how you want to interact with the kitchen. Do you really require a kitchen with functionality to rival commercial establishments or is your cooking style a little more laid back…perhaps in the form of takeaways!

Insiders Tip

Experts suggest that your fridge, sink and stove should be placed in a triangular shape. And if you have the space, situate the fridge separately from the main cooking areas so you won’t be interrupted if somebody wants a snack.

Anything else?

Any experienced kitchen designers in London will be keen to show you the hottest trends. Take note and be open to suggestions, but also consider how the design aligns with the architecture of your home!