Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Trading : SRK Consultants Ltd T/A Sheraton Interiors

In the terms below SRK CONSULTANTS is called “the company” and the other contracting party is called “the customer”.

1.It is the intention of the company that all terms of the agreement between the customer and the company are contained in this agreement and in the brochures, catalogues and specifications provided to the customer.

2.Subject to the company being able to contact the customer and arrange a mutually convenient appointment, the company will arrange for a technical surveyor to visit the customer’s premises within 14 working days of the date of this agreement for the purposes of measurement and survey of premises, plumbing, drainage and other services.

If, following such a survey, it becomes apparent that the installation has been under-priced beyond the reasonable expectations of the agent or a major modification to the specifications for the installation is necessary, the company will inform the customer within 21 working days after the survey was undertaken and give written reasons.

The company may make minor modifications to the specifications without notifying the customer where such modifications are required as a result of the company’s surveyor’s inspection provided that such modifications do not materially affect the appearance, design and quality of the goods.

3.If for any reason beyond the company’s reasonable control, the company is unable to supply a particular item of furniture or a particular appliance the company will notify the customer. With the agreement of the customer the company will replace it with an item of superior standard and value.

4.The company will do all that it reasonably can to meet the date given for delivery and/or installation. In case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company, the company may not be able to do so. In such circumstances the company will contact the customer and agree an alternative date.

5.The customer will not legally own the furniture and/or appliances until the balance of payment is paid in full by the customer to the company. The goods do not become of the customer’s until the customer has paid for them in full and, until such time, the customer shall keep the goods in good repair, condition and properly protected and insured. The goods are not warranted/guaranteed until payment is received in full.

6.The company does all it reasonably can to ensure the price quoted by its agent at the time of the contract is correct. It is recognized that the kitchen is a made to measure product. The company will arrange for a technical surveyor to visit the customer’s premises for the purpose of measurement and survey of premises, plumbing drainage and other services.

If, following such a survey, it becomes apparent that the installation has been under priced for a technical reason beyond the reasonable expectation of the agent, then the company will forthwith inform the customer and both parties will attempt to agree a revised price for the installation. In the event that a new price cannot be agreed then either party is entitled to terminate the contract whereupon any monies will be repaid in full.

7.Where the company has agreed to supply and install the furniture and/or appliances, the company will ensure that the quality of the furniture and/or appliances supplied will be to a satisfactory standard and also that the kitchen will be installed in the customer’s home to a satisfactory standard.

8.All appliances are supplied subject to any guarantees and after sales services that are offered by the manufacturers themselves, or where appropriated subject to the terms of any extended warranty scheme.

9.It is acknowledged by the customer that the color of natural wood products may fade or discolor over time due to natural processes and the company accepts no responsibility for such occurrence.

10.The customer agrees to give access to the premises for the purpose of delivery and/or installation or subsequent visits that may be necessary for the completion of the installation.

11.On delivery or collection, the risk of any loss or damage to the furniture or units becomes that of the customer.


You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days from the date of signing this contract. If you wish to cancel this contract you must do so in writing by post or email .

13.The customer is advised and accepts that the installation may cause damage to decoration. It is anticipated that the kitchen will require redecoration following completion of the installation. This will be the customer’s responsibility and is not included in the price unless specifically set out otherwise over leaf.

For the avoidance of doubt this provision does not exclude the company’s responsibility for any damages that are beyond what is reasonably commensurate with the fitting of the kitchen in the usual way.